Join us Sunday! 8:30, 9:45, 10:50 or 11:00 am

Our worship is from the liturgical tradition. Liturgy literally means “work of the people” and it includes shared written prayers, responsive readings and affirmations of faith that come from the variety of Christian tradition as well as those newly written for our context today.

Our 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 am services are held in the sanctuary. Our choir is among the finest in Edmond and helps to set the tone of reverence for our worship together. Holy Communion is celebrated in the sanctuary on the first Sunday of the month and all are welcome to receive with us regardless of membership or baptism.

Our contemporary worship service at 10:50 am is held in Wesley Hall which is just to the right after you enter through the car port. This service features a variety of contemporary Christian music. Our band is multi-talented with regards to the instruments and you will hear a broad assortment of Christian music that is presented in a modern style. They also feature the occasional secular song that will allow our worshippers to hear it in a new light when they encounter it outside of worship. Holy Communion is celebrated in Wesley Hall on the second and the last Sunday of the month. Once again, all are welcome to receive regardless of membership or baptism.

Edmond FUMC is proud to offer a variety of Sunday School classes to fit ages and stages of life for almost everyone.  Classes begin at 9:45 am.  A list of Sunday School classes can be found here.

Weekly sermons are scripturally based on the Revised Common Lectionary and this theme or topic will be reflected in the music and the liturgy as well. Rev. Dr. Sam Powers is an engaging narrative style preacher and you can catch him on the video section of the church’s Facebook page.

We currently live stream our 11:00 am service through Facebook Live. You can access this at any time on our church’s Facebook page.