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Rev. dr. Samuel T. Powers

Senior Pastor

Welcome to our church home! I have served as clergy in the Oklahoma Conference since 1996 when I returned from seminary at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

My spouse is Sheryl Heaton Powers and we’ve been married since 1994! We have two children: Kyla is at Edmond North High School and David is at Cheyenne Middle School.

Outside of church activities, our family enjoys traveling, swimming, eating at locally-owned, independent restaurants, hiking, Oklahoma State athletics, Thunder games, reading and movies. I like to dip my toes in the ocean as often as I can.

I enjoy liturgical worship which includes corporate prayers and responsive readings. Liturgy is the work of the people and it involves the congregation as we participate in worship together. I find that worship should sometimes be comforting but that it should also be challenging.

I am most likely to err on the side of presenting God’s grace over God’s judgment.

As a pastor, I am leading this congregation into regular practice of the General Rules of our church: that we would seek to do no harm to those around us including the created order; that we would seek to do good wherever possible; that we would seek to grow more deeply in Christ.

I am not a fundamentalist but I take the Bible very seriously as God’s word and direction for our lives. My sermons will be prayerfully thought out and are designed to bring the Biblical passages to relevance for our daily lives. My hope is that through our weekly worship together, we will continue to be shaped by the overarching themes of scripture. With God’s grace, we will each become more Christ-like as we grow in the faith.

If you are seeking deeper meaning in your life, I would invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings. As we walk side by side in this journey of faith, we may find that we each have something to teach and learn about God together.

May God’s blessings be yours!

In Christ,

To contact Sam, either call the church at
405-341-0107 or email

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Rev. Don Vaught

Associate Pastor

Don is an ordained deacon. Deacons are called to help the local church meet its mission to go “beyond the walls” of the church and into the community and world. Don has a long history of serving the needs in the community of the homeless and unemployed. He was appointed to Edmond FUMC as Associate Pastor in 2011.

His past appointments have included serving as Executive Director of The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM) and Director of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches. Don has degrees from Oklahoma State University (1979), University of Oklahoma Law School (Juris Doctor, 1982) and Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa (Master of Divinity, 2007), which included seminary work at Perkins School of Theology (SMU).

He shares pastoral care responsibilities along with our Senior Pastor.


Rev. Trey Witzel

Associate Pastor

A born and raised Okie, Rev. Trey Witzel is a graduate of Putnam City North High School ’10, Oklahoma City University ’14, and Boston University School of Theology ’17.  Trey is our newest associate pastor, appointed June 1, 2017 to lead our alternative worship service and to assist in young adult, new member, and discipleship ministries.

Trey is a cradle United Methodist—baptized as a child at St. Stephen’s UMC in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Trey’s Christian faith was nurtured at Village UMC.  It was through Village that Trey attended youth group, church camps, and every mission trip the church offered.  Village UMC was also his first long term preaching position, as he helped create and lead their contemporary worship service.

Answering his call to ministry during his freshmen year of high school, Trey went on to study religion and philosophy at Oklahoma City University, where he served as an intern for the Wesley Center.  Following graduation, Trey and his newly wedded wife Addison moved up to Boston, Massachusetts where they both received masters degrees in their respective fields—Trey, his Masters of Divinity from Boston University and Addison, her Masters in Higher Education from Boston College.  During their time in Boston, Trey served a local United Methodist Church as their senior pastor for two years, and was afforded the opportunity to study discipleship at Harvard Divinity School and immigration along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Trey’s passion for ministry stems from Jesus Christ’s example of preferential option for the poor.  He strives to take seriously the Lord’s Prayer when Jesus prays, “On Earth like it is in Heaven,” and is passionate for helping people better realize that they are made in the image of God, that God’s grace is radically extended to all of us, and that Christ calls us by the Holy Spirit to become disciples for the real, tangible transformation of the world.  Trey believes that the Spirit works through us and we become the hands and feet of Christ when we share the good news of the Gospel through word and deed, and that the Christian life is composed of a balance between private and public works of piety and mercy.

Looking to Beyonce’s United Methodist pastor Rev. Rudy Rasmus as an example, Trey has the spiritual gift of “hanging out,” of cultivating the sacredness of ordinary experiences and seeking where the Spirit is moving amongst us in our lives, our families, and our communities.  So often Christ is experienced around the dinner table, at the bar, or as Jesus himself says, where two or more are gathered (Matt. 18:20).  Trey invites you to join our community so that we might together learn what God has in store for us.

To set up a meeting with Trey, feel free to schedule with him at or email him directly at