With What Shall We Come Before the Lord? We Bring our Witness!

Scripture Reading: John 12:9-19 (NRSV)

This Sunday is Palm Sunday! We are excited to begin Holy Week with a wonderful celebration of worship in each of our services. We will wave palms in each of our four worship services and our choir will join them at 8:30 and 11 am for the sanctuary. Since there is a celebratory nature to Palm Sunday, we have hosted our Easter Egg Hunt after church each year on this day.

This year, we will have two food trucks (Fat Sosa’s and Fill Me Up Cheesesteak) that have been very popular at Heard on Hurd. They will begin serving at 11:30 am for those that have attended an earlier worship service. We are encouraging our church members to make it a festive day and join us for lunch even if you don’t have children participating! Megan could still use a couple dozen more plastic eggs with candy – you can email her at megan@fumcedmond.org if you can bring some!

For the actual worship service, Palm Sunday is liturgically connected with Passion Sunday since the following Sunday will be Easter. This means that while there is the celebration of Jesus enteringx Jerusalem, we know that his stay leads to his arrest and crucifixion. We’ll be finishing up our Lenten series, “With What Shall I Come Before the Lord?” with the sermon featuring the idea that we bring our witness to God. What does a witness look like that contains not only great joy but acknowledges the great pains that are real in this life?

Spirit Act will present a dramatic response to the sermon with a dialogue between the Jewish sign maker who is presented with the task of making the “King of the Jews” sign to go above the cross of Jesus and the Roman soldier who brings Pilate’s request. It will punctuate the sermon and take you into holy week with a question for all of us.

We will have many different opportunities for Holy Week. Our devotions will be each weekday morning from 6:30 to 7:00 am in Wesley Hall and this year, we will be exploring the meaning of the symbols of Holy Week. We will follow each devotion with breakfast. These are the following themes for April 15-19:

Monday: “The Word made Flesh”

Rev. Dr. Sam Powers

Tuesday: “The Upper Room” Rev. Don Vaught

Wednesday: “Blindness” Alan Herndon

Thursday: “Anointing” Michaela Drain

Friday: “Crucifixion” Rev. Dr. Joe Davis

We will also have 7 pm services on Thursday, April 18 for Maundy Thursday and Friday, April 19 for Good Friday.

And I will also be speaking to the United Methodist Men’s breakfast this Saturday, April 13 at 8:00 am!

I look forward to this wonderful time in the life of our church as we approach Easter – I hope you will avail yourself of some of these opportunities to grow closer to God!

In Christ,


Don’t forget! You can follow Pastor Sam’s ongoing daily devotions for Lent at www.precedinggrace.blogspot.com