Holy Week Devotions

In five powerful devotions, we will explore the symbols the Gospel writers use to tell the story of Jesus’ journey to the Cross beginning next Monday through Friday at 6:30 am. These symbols tell us a coherent transformative story that points us to God’s will for our lives. These symbols link the creation story to the crucifixion story.

Monday, led by Rev. Dr. Sam Powers: The Word made flesh--Incarnation.

Tuesday, led by Don Vaught: The Upper Room

Wednesday, led by Alan Herndon: Christ healing the blind—bringing light to those who lived in darkness.

Thursday, led by Michaela Drain: The Anointing at Bethany

Friday, led by Joe Davis: Crucifixion--The crucifixion of Jesus shows us that we do not need to fear death.

Join us in in our Main Building as we journey through the next week to learn and grow. Breakfast will be served after devotions. Children are welcome to attend with parents.