Ice Angels Comes to Edmond, New Opportunity to Serve Our Homeless

Every January, leadership committees come together to strategize and set goals for the upcoming year. We have a culture of excellence here at FUMC, meaning that we never want to be content and rest on the ministries of the past, instead looking at new ways we can connect people with God and neighbor.

One way Sam encouraged our committees this year to live into our mission statement is by creating quantifiable goals. By setting these specific goals orients us to a posture of not only reaching them, but trying to set the bar higher and higher in the following years.

One of the goals for our Church & Society committee was to add a new church-wide mission opportunity, and I am excited to invite you to partner with us in serving the homeless! For the past year and a half, Ice Angels has traveled to SW 11th and Walker once a month to feed the homeless and hand out clothes, toiletry kits, and sleeping mats. In 2018 FUMC helped feed over 1,000 people!

As the program has grown, Ice Angels was brought under the guidance of Skyline, and with their visionary leadership by Rev. Debbie Ingraham, Skyline is helping launch Ice Angel sites across the Oklahoma City Metro area, with one of them being on our Boulevard property right here in Edmond every Tuesday from noon-1pm!