Rev. Trey Witzel to be Ordained


This week Rev. Dr. Sam Powers is traveling with our Youth on the Mission trip, so Rev. Trey Witzel has shared the following article this week while Sam is away.

Many of you know that last week were my ordination interviews. My journey towards ordination started in 2011 during college, and these interviews were the finish line towards being an elder in full connection. And I passed!

I will be ordained Wednesday, May 29th at St. Luke’s UMC with the rest of my colleagues, and all of you are invited! You may remember that last year our choir sang during this service, so some of you may have attended an ordination service, but for those of you who haven’t, it is truly a special ceremony. We do not know the time of the service for this year, but last year the special music began at 6:30pm with the service following at 7:00pm.

One of the most powerful moments during the service is that when each person being ordained walks up to have the Bishop lay hands on them, attendees in the congregation are invited to stand in support for them. Whether you are able to make the service or not, I know that Edmond First is standing with me. Your support over the past two years has been an immense blessing, and I cannot wait to see where the future takes us.

Many have asked if ordination means that I will have to leave—the answer is no! Nothing changes with my appointment status; similar to Sam, I am appointed on a year-by-year basis. Just because I am being ordained does not mean I will automatically be moved. What ordination means is that I will be able to wear a stole, I am guaranteed an appointment (the United Methodist Church’s version of tenure), and I will have fully voting privileges at the Annual Conference level.

In a few weeks my daughter Sloane will be born, and then a month later I will be ordained. Serving at and being a part of Edmond First is the perfect backdrop as 2019 shapes up to be one of my most memorable years.

Rev. Trey Witzel