Lots of Things are Happening in our Church!


Lent is underway as we are looking at the second Sunday in Lent upcoming this weekend. If you haven’t decided on a Lenten discipline, it is never too late to start! I have been writing a devotional each day which includes a reading from the Gospel of Matthew. I would invite you to join me if you haven’t seen it yet. It can be found at http://precedinggrace.blogspot.com/ and you will need to scroll down to start with Day 1. I write each day and a new blog posts before you wake up each morning! The readings are divided so that we will finish the Gospel of Matthew on Easter morning.

Our Church and Society Committee met with other groups that feature mission activities. We have a loaded calendar filled with opportunities for those in our church to serve. We are trying to streamline the various months so that we emphasize something in particular each month. For instance, we are emphasizing Skyline Urban Ministry during Lent and are encouraging mission activities to be in some type of ministry with Skyline. Our noisy offering will go to Skyline and our youth will have a Scavenger Hunt for canned goods on April 14. Our adult Sunday school classes will have a contest to see who will bring the most food on April 7. The calendar emphasis will help our church maintain our focus so that we will be as efficient as possible with our outreach.

Our Visioning Committee met on Sunday as well and they are working on a Vision Statement. Our mission statement, “Connecting people with God and neighbor” tells why we exist. It focuses on the greatest commandment given by Jesus in Mark 12:28-34. A vision statement often looks at where we would like to go with our identity as a congregation. We will be developing a Sunday school lesson around our church’s mission and vision for each of our adult classes which we are planning on April 28th.

Finally, we have a couple of opportunities featuring a new beginning and a farewell on Sunday, March 24th. We will have a baby shower for Trey and Addison Witzel from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Then from 3 to 5 pm, we will have a farewell for our Youth Minister, Erica Lawrence as this will be her last Sunday. Family issues have arisen that will make it necessary for her to leave us a little earlier than expected. As parents may be wondering the direction of our program, I will be meeting with my fellow parents on Sunday, March 31st at 1:30 pm to discuss our future, both immediate and long-term.

This Sunday, I hope that you will join us for worship if you are in town. I am so pleased to be serving such a warm and welcoming church!

In Christ,


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