Worship on Hurd Upcoming Changes

Worship on Hurd Upcoming Changes
Perhaps my favorite scene from TV comes from the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Friends.  Ross asks Rachel and Chandler to help him move his new couch into his apartment in New York City.  If you’ve ever had to move a couch up stairs, particularly stairs with a tight turn radius, you know how impossible it can feel.  Ross gets increasingly frustrated trying to guide Rachel and Chandler in moving his new couch that he just starts screaming “Pivot. Pivot! PIVOT!”

Being flexible and patient when it comes to newness and growth is important in every aspect of life; it’s no different in the church.  On Sunday members from Worship on Hurd gathered together for lunch to talk about the future of the service, and at this lunch we announced that in September I would start preaching at Worship on Hurd each Sunday, which I’m incredibly excited for!

Worship on Hurd has become my purview since I’ve been at Edmond First.  The grant that has funded my position in fact was primarily concerned with growing Worship on Hurd.  Once the college year begins, we are anticipating that we will begin to average around 100 each Sunday.  We’ve reached the size of other large churches who have two preachers preach each Sunday.

Sam and I both believe that it’s important that we are both seen as pastors for the whole church, so once a month we will be switching pulpits—Sam will preach Worship on Hurd and I’ll preach our three Sanctuary services.  I’ve said this before but will say it again, I’m eternally grateful to be working with a Senior Pastor who trusts me and is willing to share the pulpit.  It’s not uncommon for Senior Pastors to want to do all the preaching, and this transition speaks loudly about Sam’s character.

September 9th will be the first Sunday under this new structure.  Worship on Hurd’s order of worship will slightly change, moving the sermon back in a more “traditional” location in the bulletin.  Again, I am very excited for this sign of growth, and I give thanks every day to be one of your Associate Pastors.

Pastor Trey