United Way Kickoff and Skyline

It’s fall, which means that United way will do their kickoff soon.  Did you know that Skyline, one of the Methodist Ministries in Oklahoma, is a recipient of United Way dollars?  Here are a few fun facts about Skyline:
• 1,414,763 pounds of groceries have been distributed.
• 9,485 unique households were served in the Food Re
     source Center.
• 74% of households shopped three times or less.
• 6% increase in households served.
• 138,081 pounds of clothing distributed
• 2,620 eyeballs examined last year
• 1,304 persons seeing more clearly through new glasses
• 548 health screenings
• 614 shoes filled for school
• 1,113 visits from Santa
• 52 Cinderella’s dressed for the ball through the Prom
If you are signing up for United Way, make sure to use the number 7071.