Worship and Music Ministry Update

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Andrew Schaeffer, Director of Music Ministries

At 90 years old, our sanctuary is the oldest house of worship in Edmond!  The bold stained glass windows, mighty pipe organ, and gracious woodwork were lovingly purchased and installed by the leaders of yesterday to remind us of the majesty of God.  We endeavor to honor that legacy by being sympathetic regarding necessary cosmetic changes.

A few months ago, a group of woodworkers from the Footsteps class, headed by John Teegarden, approached me wondering if there were any projects around our church that needed attention.  Those of you with keen eyes probably noticed that the credence tables (the small tables used at celebrations of Holy Communion) and the flower pedestals did not match the original 1928 woodwork in either style or stain.  To remedy this, our woodworkers studied the patterns of the 1928 woodwork and worked hard to find a stain that would seamlessly blend in with the existing work.  You can judge by the photo yourself, but I think that the project was a success!

We give thanks for these dedicated volunteers and look forward to having these beautiful pieces grace our sanctuary for generations to come.