Music Ministry Update

Andrew Schaeffer, Director of Music Ministries

Every Thursday morning, children from our Preschool venture over to the sanctuary for their weekly chapel service.  At the beginning of our time together, I usually ask them if they notice anything different about their surroundings and, with our church adorned for Easter, we had much to discuss last week!  One particularly observant student noticed that the large candle next to the baptismal font (known liturgically as the paschal candle) was lit.  It then occurred to me that some in our congregation might also be wondering why it’s lit throughout the Easter season.

Simply put, the candle represents both the pillar of fire that led Israel by night and the risen Lord who stands among us at Easter.  The word “pasch” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “pesah” meaning deliverance or Passover, which ties directly into the Easter story.  We intentionally keep this candle next to the baptismal font as a constant reminder of our own deliverance from sin and death through our own baptisms.  Likewise, if you attend a funeral at our church, you’ll find it lit near the casket or memorial photos as a powerful and tangible reminder of the resurrection.

As you worship with us over the next few weeks, take a moment to look at the beautiful paschal candle in its glory and remember with joy how Christ has led you to new life!