Is it Really Sinful to Be Lazy?

As we move through the seven deadly sins during Lent, this week brings us to sloth.  If we consider laziness at all, we rarely think of it as a sin these days.  It seems more like an obstacle to overcome at worst – maybe a character flaw.  But sin marks it as an affront to God.

It may be unproductive.  It may be harmful to accomplishing the tasks before us.  But is it really sinful to be lazy?

When we think about God’s commandments for us, we have often overlooked keeping the Sabbath holy.  A planned day of rest is important for us.  When we have regular rest from our work, we are less likely to engage in sloth.  

Today, many Americans find themselves distracted by all of the electronic devices available at their whim.  Our phones have become pocket computers.  When you combine this with Internet access, it opens a whole world of possibilities.  Many of these are helpful in our productivity.  But for every productive possibility, it seems that there is a myriad of diversions at hand.

John Wesley’s historic instructions to his new preachers being ordained was to “never trifle away time.”  I wonder what he would think today if he were to engage in social media!

I believe that smart phones are a gift.  I count myself fortunate to live in this time.  It is fun to access some of the silly things online.  It is helpful to connect with people I would otherwise miss.  But since these options are so new relative to human history without them, we are still trying to find balance.  We are still seeking to understand the harm they can do to children, youth and adults.  We must be wise in how we engage and we must be disciplined in our life.  These statements are no different than when Jesus was first teaching the disciples.  We just have different circumstances in which to employ them.

I hope you’ll join us for worship this Sunday as we discuss this important topic.

And don’t forget to set your clocks ahead as we “spring forward”!

In Christ,

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