Easter: Ways you can help

Easter is a special Sunday every year, full of joyful singing, children laughing, and bright clothing all around.  Easter is one day that everyone circles on their calendar, excited to worship our risen Lord.  

As our church continues to grow, parking spots become harder to find and our space in the pews becomes a little bit more intimate.  It is a wonderful situation to find ourselves in, new guests attending for the first time and members coming back.  It’s our goal to always be a welcoming church, embodying the United Methodist Church moto of “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.”  Below are three ways that you can help be hospitable on Easter Sunday.

1. Parking: We are encouraging all members to first look in our CAC lot and at our street parking options.  Let’s reserve our Wesley Parking Lot and South West Parking Lot for guests and those who appreciate shorter walking distances.

2. Seating: One of the biggest inducers of anxiety when visiting a new church is where you sit.  Please either sit in the middle of the pews, leaving space on the ends for guests to easily slide in, or if you have a large family, sit towards the inside aisles, offering plenty of space for new families.  And if you see anyone looking around for a pew, invite them to join you in yours!

3. Inviting: Share our Easter posts and pictures on Facebook! We all have people in our lives who are looking for a place to worship.