Music Ministry Update

After all, there is no triumph without suffering, no crown without a cross.

Andrew Schaeffer, Director of Music Ministries

As you are probably aware, this Sunday is Palm/Passion Sunday, marking the beginning of Holy Week.  The service begins joyfully as we hear of our Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and sing (with appropriate gusto!) the hymn: “All Glory, Laud and Honor”.  Yet, this service takes a sharp turn as, through scripture and song, we recount our Lord’s passion and death.  At our three sanctuary services, we will be blessed by the presence of the Spirit Act drama group and adult choir who will help to lead us on this powerful journey.
You may think we get a little too far ahead of ourselves, as we will have other services throughout the week that will take us on that same journey.  Some people think we read the passion story simply because many folks don’t take the time to attend mid-week services, so it’d be better sneak it in on a Sunday.  Others who grew up in the United Methodist faith may think that combining the two is a “new” idea, and their memories would be correct.  However, both concepts are wrong!  

Since 387 AD, the church has used the season of Lent as a time to prepare people to be baptized on Easter (sort of an ancient Confirmation program).  Lent proper ends on Palm Sunday, and begins Holy Week, a time of more intense fasting, reading, praying, and studying the “way” of Jesus—his acts of mercy in the days before his death.  

I invite you to come to church with an open heart, ready to dive into this dramatic story of our salvation.  After all, there is no triumph without suffering, no crown without a cross.