Mission Reporting

What are the signs that a church is healthy?  How can we monitor our health to make sure we stay healthy?  These are the questions every church is asking themselves, and our Annual Conference has put forth a new initiative to assist us in the quest for prolonged health.  

Vital Signs is a conference wide initiative geared at examining data points from the local church to gauge health.  The conference is asking each church to provide a monthly report on various areas of ministry.  One of the areas they would like us to report is monthly mission.

To be quite frank, our church members do so much mission, either individually or as a group, that it is impossible for staff to keep track—that’s a tremendous achievement!  But it makes it hard to report monthly mission numbers, and it is our desire to paint an honest picture of the ministries you all engage in.

We have asked individuals whom oversee particular groups and organizations within our church to be point-people for recording weekly and monthly mission numbers.  Yet we know that many of you volunteer on your own.  We are asking that each time you serve that you would email me at trey@fumcedmond.org if you engage in service.  If you’d send me the date and hours served, I will personally keep track of our numbers for input.

Please help us show the Annual Conference that Edmond First is a place where church doesn’t just happen on Sundays, but every day!