Daily Lent Devotions

As Lent continues, you may wish to read my daily devotions on Genesis here.  If you are enjoying them, I would encourage you to make a comment on the actual post or to share it on your timeline.  Both of these help to move it to a wider audience and the readership grows each year.

This allows our church’s reach to expand beyond our current membership.  Some people who become aware of us from the blog posts, then begin to worship with us online.  And some will eventually come see us in person.

Regardless of a person’s involvement, I believe that people are spiritual in nature and that these devotions may help lead people to a deeper exploration of their faith.

This Sunday, we will continue to explore the seven deadly sins with a look at greed.  We will continue to follow the gospel reading of the lectionary with Mark 8:31-38.  Take a read before Sunday and see what you think!

I hope you’ll join us for one of our four morning worship services!  And I hope your Lenten season is becoming fruitful for you spiritually!

In Christ,

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