Lenten Study

I will be sharing daily devotions each day (including Sundays) during Lent.

To get a sample from last year, here’s one on the Gospel of John: http://precedinggrace.blogspot.com/2017/03/daily-devotion-for-lent-2017-first.html.  If you want to look at this from the beginning or any of the previous years, they are all online and available.

Please note the scripture link to Biblegateway.com for the day’s reading.  It will allow you to read online and although I like the New Revised Standard Version, you can change the tab at the link and select your preferred version of the Bible.

This year, I plan on looking at the entirety of the book of Genesis.  This book contains some of the great stories of the Hebrew Bible (aka the Old Testament) that gives us a glimpse into humanity’s first understandings of God.

For Lent, we partially pattern the forty day season on the forty day fast of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness.  We remember that Jesus answers temptation with scripture.  Certainly, Jesus would have been shaped by these stories in Genesis.

And so I hope to view these stories daily from a Christian lens either to think about how they would have related to the ministry of Jesus or how they may relate to the body of Christ (the church) today.

If you have enjoyed taking part in these in the past, I would invite you to share it via social media with a friend so that you might journey in Genesis together during Lent.  A shared faith is a growing faith!

Each devotion will be available online and is posted around 3 am CST just in case we have some very early risers who want to start the day with a reading.  I try to post them on Facebook and Twitter each day so please feel free to comment or share on either format.

The Lenten season doesn’t have to be characterized by what you give up (although that isn’t a bad thing for a consumer culture) but it may also be defined by the discipline you take on.  A daily reading of scripture may just be what the doctor orders!

And so, may your Lent be contemplative this year!

In Christ,