Music Ministry Update

Music Ministry Update
Andrew Schaeffer, Director of Music Ministries

The arrival of fall means that our long liturgical season of “ordinary time” is ending and we will increasingly be celebrating special Sundays from now until the end of the year. The first on our fall schedule, World Communion Sunday, will occur this Sunday. At the three traditional services, we will celebrate with hymns and choral music that, while not necessarily multi-ethnic in nature, will stress the unity, resolve, and love we share with Christians across the globe through the mysterious yet palpable gift of Holy Communion. We’ll also mark this special day by learning a new musical setting of the Communion liturgy that we’ll use over the next year.

New Adult Choir Forming!
Our Chancel Choir works tirelessly to learn anthems for presentation at services nearly every Sunday. While fun and rewarding, it can be a steep commitment for some who either don’t have the time, or feel as though their musical background is lacking. We now have three choirs geared towards children, so why not another adult choir? I feel as though it’s time to provide our growing congregation with another option to engage in musical leadership – that’s why I’m looking to launch a choir aimed at “seasoned” voices.

This group, which will meet weekly on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings, will place a big emphasis on growing as musicians and disciples through fun and fellowship in a low-pressure environment. The repertoire will consist of many popular Gospel & Spiritual hymns, in addition to some modern-day, simple anthems. Ideally, this group will not only provide musical leadership at the 8:30 service approximately twice a quarter, but will serve as an outreach of the congregation, such as visiting nursing homes.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, please contact me at either 405.341.0107 ext. 116 or