Boulevard Buddies seeks School Supplies

Boulevard Academy is made up of students from all three Edmond High Schools. Boulevard Buddies is a ministry of volunteers who “adopted” the school 10 years ago. The group has grown over the years from 6 to 68 current volunteers.  Boulevard Buddies provides support to the students and staff with regularly planned activities and addresses specific needs as they arise.
It was brought to our attention by the administration that only 2 students, of the 112 currently enrolled, brought school supplies for this academic year.  Boulevard Buddies is sponsoring an Emergency School Supplies Drive to aid the students and staff.  Our goal is to provide school supplies for 50 students.   Collection will begin UMW Sunday, September 24th. If you would like to make a donation of $40 to purchase all of the supplies on the list, or another amount and have the shopping done for you, just drop a check in the offering or bring it to the church office with Boulevard Buddies in the Memo.
If you are willing to provide the supplies for 1 or more students (see supply list below), or get involved on a regular basis please contact Ellen Lyons, 405-820-7729 or by email,
Boulevard Buddies School Supplies Project Student Supply List:
1 - 8” Scissors
5 - 3 Prong Pocket Folders
2 - boxes facial tissues
1 - 19 oz. Lysol Spray
1 - 75 count Disinfectant Wipes
1 - 12 count Colored Pencils
1 - 10 count Colored Markers
2 -  8-12 oz. Hand Sanitizer
2 - 175 count College Ruled Notebook Paper
3 -  1 inch black 3-ring binder
2 - 12 count # 2 Pencils
2 - 7.625 oz. Elmer’s Glue
1 - 12 count Glue Sticks
1 - 4 count Dry Erase Markers (core colors)