Skyline Urban Ministries Reaches Many from Your Generosity- Continued

Throughout the year, you will find that Edmond FUMC has many opportunities to provide food, clothing or other donations to benefit Skyline Urban Ministry.  Below is a list of ways that your generosity has benefitted Skyline and the many people they served last year:

• 60 Cinderella’s dressed for the ball through Prom Event: Used Prom dresses make it possible for young womenattend prom and have dreams come true.

• 512 children supplied for school: Skyline’s Back to School Carnival fills back packs as children play carnival games and interact with caring adults.

• 777 pounds of clothing to Homeless Outreach: Partnerships with other groups connect those on the streets with needed items to weather the Oklahoma weather.

• 9733 pounds of groceries to Homeless Outreach: Groceries are turned into hot meals delivered to the streets and camps to those unable to care for themselves.

• 12,015 meals to the Prime Timers—Skyline’s seniors have an average income of $700 and receive SNAP benefits of about $15. They cannot survive without your generosity.

• 19,267 volunteer hours logged: Skyline has a staff of 12 excellent workers—but even the best and most hardworking staff cannot meet the need alone

• $102,000 of grants received: Skyline connects with foundations and grantors and, through due diligence, shows itself worthy of being entrusted with using gifts wisely.

• 32 percent of total revenue provided by funders like you: While Skyline seeks grants from a wide variety of foundations and organizations, Skyline’s financial foundation is individual giving.

• 93 percent of revenue is spent on programming: Skyline’s focus is on providing those in the shadows with the assistance needed and keeping overhead costs as low as possible.

• 651 unique donors—you could make it 652! Donors provided Skyline with $425,417 in revenue. Through our partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Skyline turns every $1 into 4 meals.