ICE Angels

Let me start off by saying what a blessing it is to be appointed to Edmond First!  Last week I offered an invitation to not just read about feeding the hungry and serving God’s most vulnerable children, but to take a step in faith and do something about it, and the congregational response was tremendous!  Last Wednesday I drove six members down to SW 11th and Walker and we fed and handed out clothing to sixty individuals.  Quail Springs UMC and Mosaic UMC were thrilled to see us, and they will be using our kitchen this week as they prepare the next meal.

I’ve had countless individuals from church approach me since asking about more information and how they can help.  My invitation from the pulpit still stands: each Wednesday I will be in the foyer outside Wesley Hall at 11 am to meet whoever wants to go feed the homeless.  We’ll go to lunch ourselves, then head downtown to answer Christ’s call, returning to church by 2 pm.  

As this ministry grows, I will be compiling a volunteer list as we partner with Quail Springs UMC and Mosaic UMC.  Volunteers will sign-up to help organize and cook one meal a month, and we will be having sporadic gatherings to collect clothing, books, and learn how to weave sleeping mats out of plastic bags.  This project will be something that every member at Edmond First can participate in, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Spirit moves through us!

Trey Witzel, Associate Pastor