Skyline Urban Ministries Reaches Many from Your Generosity

Skyline Urban Ministries Reaches Many from Your Generosity
Throughout the year, you will find that Edmond FUMC has many opportunities to provide food, clothing or other donations to benefit Skyline Urban Ministry.  Below is a list of ways that your generosity has benefitted Skyline and the many people they served last year:

• 1,266,563 pounds of groceries distributed: Every pound of groceries is equivalent to about 4 meals. Your gifts to Skyline provided 5,066,252 meals feeding 1,688,750 people for a day.

• 8,975 unique households served in the FRC: a misconception is that each household shops every month (patrons are invited to shop once every 30 days). In 2016, only 29 households (less than 1%) shopped 12 times—and those were all households headed by senior citizens.

• 78 percent of households shopped less than 3 times: Skyline is a “gap” ministry. Our patrons work at minimum wage jobs and when difficulty strikes, they can’t make ends meet.

• 63 percent increase in households served: As our communities have faced economic crises, the needs has increased dramatically.

• 67,773 pounds of clothing distributed: While it might be outdated to you, your used clothing is a treasure!

• 2752 eyeballs examined: over 2 dozen eye-care professionals give their time every week so that those living in the shadows can see the light. There were 1262 persons seeing more clearly through new glasses!

• 464 health screenings—a high percentage of the population living below the poverty line suffers from diabetes and hypertension—early screening is a first step, introducing exercise and nutritional changes is next and both are part of Skyline’s new Wellness Program.

• 1256 shoes filled for school: the Clothes 4 Kids program, through your giving, helps school children dress for success as they begin a new school year.

• 2175 visits from Santa: Your gifts enabled Christmas Grace and the Christmas Store to bring Christmas morning smiles to over 2000 children—and their grateful parents.