Music Ministry Update

Andrew Schaeffer, Director of Music Ministries

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday – one of the only days on the church calendar which doesn’t have a direct correlation to a story from the Bible (i.e. Christmas or Pentecost). While it is universally observed by most every western denomination, it originated in the Roman Catholic Church around the 10th century to educate the faithful about not only the doctrine of the Trinity, but about other fundamental aspects of the faith.

It’s a popular tradition on Trinity Sunday in the Western Church to sing or speak the Te Deum, the oldest known hymn text which dates from 387A.D. At our 8:30 & 11:00 services this Sunday, we too will join our voices in this grand hymn of faith. With its beautiful, expansive language, we will set out to express our faith in the Trinity in a truly unique way. Join us!