New Sunday Morning Service

Worship at 9:45 am
As we continue to grow, we realize that we need more space!  While the easiest thing to do would be to continue to pack people into the sanctuary at 8:30 or 11 am, there is an informal rule that says that once a worship space has hit 80% capacity, you have reached your ceiling.  People will sit shoulder-to-shoulder on Easter or Christmas Eve but not on a weekly basis.  So if we do not add any more worship services, our worship attendance will plateau.

Our staff has been working to expand our offerings on Sunday morning.  We would like to start a new worship service in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am beginning in September after Labor Day.  This worship would be identical liturgically to the existing sanctuary services with a couple of exceptions.  We would not offer a children’s sermon during this time because the children will presumably be in Sunday school during this time.  We would also not feature the choir at this service as we do not want to burn them out or keep them from their Sunday school classes!

Musically, we are looking at having various instrumentalists such as flute or strings (violin, cello) play for the worship service.  They would also accompany the hymns along with a vocalist or two.  This would keep the service similar but offer a musical variance that others might find attractive as a worship option.  The sermon will remain the same as currently offered at the other three services.

We are beginning to look for people to seed this service.  Seeding the service will mean that you plan on attending this as your primary worship at least 3 times per month.  This means that we will hopefully launch with an average of fifty people per Sunday so that it doesn’t seem too empty when visitors drop in.  This will draw people off of our 8:30 or 11 am services which will provide more space for growth in those services as well.

We invite you to pray for our new service, that we would continue to reach people in our community.  If your prayers lead you to an interest in helping with this new worship service or if you have questions concerning the service, please contact our Senior Pastor, Sam Powers, at