Waving Palms or Mourning at the Cross?

This Sunday is a tough one for worship staff in that liturgically, this is both Palm and Passion Sunday.  We begin with the waving of the palms and we quickly move to the narrative of the suffering and death of Jesus.  It is a rather dramatic switch because we start out singing “Hosannas” with a rather hopeful air.  Then we move into the arrest and trial of Jesus and end up with the crucifixion.  

I think this is done because even though we will have a Maundy Thursday and Good Friday service where this part of the narrative is honored during Holy Week, there are many who do not attend these and would otherwise miss out on the difficult part of the gospel, arriving at Easter without the preparation.  

This Sunday, we will begin with the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and then move into the passion with Matthew 27:15-23 which is the release of Barabbas.  Crowds, it seems, are easy to stir up.  What would make them turn on a dime from praise to crying out for blood?  How does the suffering of a scape goat bring catharsis to a community?  

I hope you’ll join us at 8:30 or 11 am in the sanctuary as well as 10:50 am in Wesley Hall as I preach on “’Ochlocracy’ was too Hard to Say so the Crowd Went with ‘Mobocracy’.”

Following the later services, I hope you’ll join us outside for lunch as we will have food trucks offering their wares for sale during the Easter Egg Hunt.

This will be our last Sunday to bring items for Skyline so please bring a canned good to help us win our contest!

In Christ,

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