What a Surprise!

But sometimes surprises are good.  Like encountering a loved one you didn’t expect to see knowing they went out of their way to be there.  

As we experience Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday, my hope is that you will encounter God in ways that may surprise you in a way that is pleasing but at the same time stretches you.

All this week (M-F), there will be breakfast available in Wesley Hall along with a devotion that someone from our congregation has prepared.  Breakfast begins at 6 am with devotions at 6:30 am and finishing by 7 am.  

On Thursday, we’ll meet for Maundy Thursday services at 7 pm as well.  This service will celebrate Holy Communion as we recall the first Lord’s Supper so many years ago.  We will also have foot washing for those desiring it in the east wing (although most do not receive it so you won’t be odd if you don’t partake).  This will be done while people are waiting to receive Communion or immediately after they receive.

On Good Friday, our worship service will also be at 7:00 pm.  Our choir has been working hard to present “Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross” by Theodore Dubois.  We got a preview of one of the songs on Sunday and I think you will be blessed if you attend.

On Easter Sunday, we have five opportunities to worship.

At 7 am, our Sunrise Service will be in Wesley Hall led by our youth.  I happen to know that there will be a musical number that will make it worth the early alarm.
At 10:50 am, Worship on Hurd will also have special music for Easter Sunday in Wesley Hall!

For the Sanctuary, we have a slightly different schedule for Easter.  We will meet at 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am.  If you are in good health and regularly attend, we would invite you to park a little farther out to make room for visitors as a part of our service and gratitude for the grace we’ve received!

Glennis Peterman and I shot a video celebrating the resurrection with a personal story of hers that will help everyone dealing with grief.  You can find it by visiting our Facebook page or our website at www.fumcedmond.org.

If you have a Facebook account, I hope you will share it sometime this week on your Facebook page as it is not only a great witness to the faith, it will also serve as an invitation for all of your friends for Easter!

I would invite you to be in prayer this week for our visitors as well as members who don’t regularly attend.  My hope is that worship will be transformative for their lives and that each person will experience the resurrection that we find in Jesus Christ!

In Christ,

Continue to follow the Gospel of John as a daily devotion for Lent with our Senior Pastor:  http://precedinggrace.blogspot.com/