Youth Return from Spring Break in Dallas

The youth had a great time on their Mission Madness Spring Break Trip to Dallas. They were able to serve children at the Wesley Rankin. The Rankin is a community centered ministry that is ran through the Texas Methodist conference. We helped run a day camp Monday-Thursday where we read to children, did arts and crafts, served lunch, and played games. The youth also served at Dallas Life on afternoon where they served dinner to the homeless. They helped a community center get ready for spring by sorting clothes, bagging produce, and helping in the food pantry. The youth witnessed how the Methodist church serves on a larger level. The organizations that we served through were some how connected to the Methodist church, and in some form Oklahoma had similar organizations. It was great for them to make the connection that as a denomination in every state and country we are serving others and loving the people around us through our actions, service, and words. They learned the true meaning of being a servant of Christ this past week. It was such a great trip! Thank you to everyone who prayed for the students and adults who attended this trip. Be watching for more photos on the website.