I’ve gone blind before.


I do not go completely blind, but I might as well be.  Every once in a blue moon, I get a migraine headache.  These are the types that cause me to be unsure if I am speaking correctly.  I know in my head what I would like to say, but when I speak it sounds like the words are coming out as nonsense.  As I value clear communication between individuals, this is one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.

I know when one of these monster headaches is coming.  I know because I start to lose my vision.  I begin to see spots.  A more correct interpretation is that there are blank patches in my sight.  My head does not yet ache but I know it is coming.  I do feel very tired and dizzy.  Usually within about an hour of the loss of vision comes the pain.

I’ve tried all kinds of remedies for this.  The only thing that works is to rest.  I’ll rest for about a day and it has always ended before twenty-four hours are up.  I’ve decided that stress is probably the cause.  When I push myself too much (usually the result of overbooking my schedule), one of these headaches comes along and forces me to rest.

When I take good care of myself, I usually do not get them.

This should be a good clue.  Do not blind yourself with stress.

Our spiritual lives are similar.  When we push ourselves and fail to rejuvenate through regular worship, prayer and study, we can become spiritually blind.  We fail to see things through the eyes of Christ.  We fail to see Christ in other things.  We are blind to the kingdom of God that surrounds us.

This Sunday, we will focus on our blindness.  We will look at a story in John 9:1-41 where Jesus heals a man that was blind since birth.  I hope you will join us for worship this Sunday.  I’m sure if you do, your eyesight will improve!

In Christ,


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Photo by Jenny Lee Silver via Flickr.com.  Used under the Creative Commons license.