Skyline Lenten Challenge Update

Did last week’s story make you wonder, “Why all the interest in a 777 cubic feet freezer at Skyline”? (Read it here if you missed it.) Point in fact; in the past few weeks they were offered 22 pallets of meat by a retailer, which they had to turn down!

Look at it this way; roughly a cubic feet would supply free meat for a family for their shopping period (They can come to the FRC once a month if needed). Since the canned meat received by a family costs about $3, the freezer would pay for itself in about 5 months while providing patrons with a more nutritious, higher quality food items.

The Skyline Lenten Campaign will have a royal kick off on March 5th with the Mission Committee Annual Pancake Breakfast. Skyline staff members, identified by their red T-shirt, will be present to assist and answer your questions about all the programs they offer.  All profits from the breakfast will go to Skyline.