Ice Angels Update

At our Fall Orders meeting, Sam, Don, and I were challenged by the question: “Are you willing to take the next step?” Well, Edmond First is taking the next step with our Ice Angels program!

When I first introduced Ice Angels to the congregation, I made the pledge to have a standing appointment every Wednesday to take whoever wanted to serve down to SW 11th and Walker to help feed the homeless.  Due to such a huge response, our church’s involvement is growing starting in November.  

Edmond First is now “sponsoring” the third Wednesday of every month, taking over hosting duties for Ice Angels.  What this means is that we will be cooking a meal, provided by Skyline Urban Ministry, from 9-noon in the kitchen in the CAC.  We will then deliver the food downtown and volunteer from 1230-1, and then wash all of the dishes, with the hope of being done by 3.

The goal of taking ownership of the third Wednesday of every month is 1) to encourage a higher concentration of service and 2) offer more time slots to serve.  While everyone is welcome to serve from 9-3, you also have the options of cooking from 9-noon, serving from 12:30-1, and helping clean up from 1:30-3.

I look forward to serving with y’all on the third Wednesday of the month through our Ice Angels ministry!

Pastor Trey