We Give Thanks for your support of WHIZ KIDS!!

We have been so humbled and blessed by your generous contributions & gifts to our Whiz Kids program this year! Here are a few of the great things you have provided for us this first semester:

• Our students are LOVING their new books. It's now a thrill (literally) for them to look for their next big read!
• The Kids fell in LOVE with Checkers, most having never played a game of Checkers before. It was a great sportsmanship lesson! (We purchased Checkers games, learned all about it then rotated partners playing rounds of Checkers).
• Our Whiz Kids get a real after school meal each week made by Ms. Diane with lots of LOVE & cornbread!
• The students felt our LOVE as they spotted their families' name on their Thanksgiving Ham, and told us about sharing it with their family.
• Each Whiz Kid will be covered in LOVE as they receive a blanket with their name embroidered on it along with a new WhizKid T-shirt & socks.
• And the greatest gift of LOVE each week is the 1 on 1 time spent between Student & Tutor.

Won't you please consider joining us as a Mentor/Tutor for a student from Edwards Elementary. There is a long waiting list of kids who need 1 on 1 reading help. The improvement shows in more than just their grades!

If you have questions & would like information on becoming a WK tutor, please call Jana Gray. 405-615-0876. We all Thank You for sharing with us.