This year we will be putting up 2 "Giving Trees" - one in our normal Sanctuary location and one in our new Foyer.  Our church is growing and thus our mission to reach out to more families is growing.. Therefore, we will have more cards on our trees.  This year we will be buying Christmas gifts for families from Skyline Urban Ministry as well as our usual Heifer Project.  The Heifer Project goal is to help people help themselves out of poverty with "not a cup, but a cow".  Our Heifer goal is an ARK, worth $5000.00, a goal we have reached many times.  Gifts are to be WRAPPED, WITH FAMILY # AND NAME ATTACHED.  Checks to the Heifer Project will be made out to FUMC Edmond, with Heifer in the memo.  Return date on gifts is no later than Sunday, Dec. 11.  Any questions, call Janie Johnson, 396-2458 or Carol Crisp, 341-4014.  THANK YOU!